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Careers In Construction

The team have been on site at St Edmund's School in Canterbury delivering 6 career presentations to over 260 Students. Steph Harris presented an introduction to the industry and showcased the different job roles and routes on offer whilst Sasha Silk introduced the students to Mark Parmenter, Brandon Waters, Darren Wilson and Finley Emmott who spoke about their personal journeys to their roles they are in now. We also spoke about the delivery of the new Academic Hub including the progress so far and the variety of expertise it takes to deliver the project.

In addition to the career presentations, Sasha Silk & Steph Harris held a Curiosity Workshop during one lunch time about modernisation in construction. This shone some light on the technology used in the industry which sparked some interest in the students, including one student asking for work experience with Apex in the summer.

Thank you to all the staff especially Sharon Scally for facilitating the sessions.