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London Build Expo 2023 

Yesterday Sasha Silk Grace Poll & Finley Emmott from our Future Talent Group attended the London Build Expo. A great day of networking and interacting with others within the construction industry.

They identified a consistent theme in the future of construction through participating in multiple CPD events through the day. ‘’The Future of Workspaces in London’’ and ‘’The Skyscrapers Set to Reduce Londons Skyline’’ conferences emphasised the significance of sustainability within construction and the importance of social value. Luke Askwith shared insights on Canary Wharf’s transformation from a predominantly office-centric space to one fostering the communities values, featuring additions like food courts and communal leisure centres. Similarly, Ayman Hibri discussed the community benefits of Skyscrapers, citing examples like 8 Bishop Gate.

Facilitating change in these London areas, prioritising sustainability and embracing a community lead ethos will contribute to delivering an enhanced social value!