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Working towards zero carbon construction

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business and our key value of ‘we make an impact’ reminds us daily, especially today as we celebrate Earth Day, that what we do creates a legacy.

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is a central part of our business strategy, and with a commitment to be net zero by 2050, we’re utilising carbon reduction plans (CRPs) to help meet this target. Placing a CRP at the centre of our operations has enabled us to clearly understand our current impact and guide our approach to mitigation.

We recently completed our 2023 carbon reduction reporting, measuring against our 2022 baseline, and we achieved a KG CO2e reduction of 20% per employee. This is a fantastic result, testament to our approach and a great step towards eliminating our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

As a business that inherently embraces innovation and technology, we are continually seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact and speed our transition to net zero. For 2024, we have put new carbon targets into place, including transitioning away from mineral diesel to hydrogenated vegetable oil for on-site plant and power generation. HVO is seen as a bridging fuel as we continue to monitor the development of electric and hydrogen powered plant and equipment. We are also moving to ensure all mains power connections come from certified renewable sources for both site connections and our head office in Bexley. Work to understand our Scope 3 emissions also continues, with the focus on consistent and enhanced reporting, and working with and educating our supply chain.

We believe that by having realistic targets and embracing innovation, we can make meaningful, small adjustments that have a big impact.